Star Seeker Oracle Deck

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The Cards: 

- 64 total cards (with 4 bonus affirmation cards).
- The cards measure approximately 2.75in x 4.75in (70mm x 120mm). This is the same size as the Star Seeker tarot deck.
- The cards are printed on a sturdy 350gsm paper with a luxe semi-matte finish. This is a lovely matte finish with a slightly drier/silkier touch compared to our tarot deck (slightly easier to shuffle but still matte).
- The edges are a matte lavender hue with a slight shimmer.
- Border colors vary slightly for each group. Seeker's journey cards have an off-white border (like our tarot deck), Guide cards have a dusty rose border, and the Gift cards have an iridescent finish.

The Box:

- Rigid clamshell style flip-box (same as our tarot deck box).
- Silky soft semi-matte finish.
- Fits the cards and guidebook.

The Guidebook:

- 86 page guide with one page description per card, including reversal keywords. Includes a few exercises & spreads.
- Cover is soft semi-matte finish with full color design.
- Interior content is black & white text.
- Booklet comes inside the box with the cards and is the same size as the cards.

About the oracle deck:

The Star Seeker Oracle is a 64 card deck created to guide you through life as a seeker and dreamer. **Note: this 1st edition comes with 4 bonus affirmation cards, thanks to our Kickstarter backers, bringing the deck to 68 cards total. Extra cards are pictured on the last slide** This deck is a place where you can come to connect with new parts of yourself, discard the old and outdated, and open up to your deepest desires and truths. You can use this deck when you are seeking gentle yet direct guidance in any aspect of your life.

A wonderful deck for beginners or experienced readers, and perfect as a companion to our oracle deck or to be used on its own.

This deck is composed of three sections: the first and largest being the Seeker's Journey. This is your journey, seeker. These first 48 cards represent the wheel of life; our shared experiences and emotions. The wheel turns and takes us on a wild and beautiful journey.

The 12 Guides next appear to offer new energy, advice and direction. Each guide represents a different helping energy or archetype. These cards will often represent energy or people outside of you, but they can also represent aspects of yourself that need to step forward and take the reins.

Lastly, the Gifts. There are 4 gifts in the deck, and I liken them to the golden tickets of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. These are external opportunities or blessings that appear in life to guide and help you. They are often unexpected.

Note: thanks to our Kickstarter backers, we have included 4 bonus cards in this deck. These are affirmations which you can choose to keep in the deck or remove.


A note from the creator:

After I released the Star Seeker tarot, I knew there was more of a story to tell. I created this oracle deck as a companion to the tarot, knowing it could add more depth to this world and its guidance. It would also need to tell its own complete story, working as a powerful tool for all, whether used with the tarot deck or not. Over the course of three years, I dreamt and wove together the pieces of this deck. The characters and themes came to me in dreams and meditative journeys. Often as I worked with a card, its energy was reflected in my life, providing me with a deeper understanding and a clearer vision. In that way, like with my first tarot deck, these cards are quite alive.

This is an intuitive, gentle, and direct system to guide anybody through their inner work and straight to their own heart. These cards speak with a soft yet honest voice, making it an especially wonderful tool for self reflection and healing. And so…

Through the seeker's portal we go. On a journey together, following the stars to find our deepest truths. I'm so honored to have you on this path with me.

With love,

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